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Saray Vega Aller (2023-06-05)

Todo perfecto

Maria Antonia Galeano MuÑoz (2023-04-10)

Amelia Pascual Mateos (2023-05-25)

Me gusta la seriedad de la empresa y su trato personalizado cuando lo he necesitado.

Sonia Coelho (2023-04-13)

Jessica Sanchez Fernandez (2023-06-01)

Todo perfecto, siempre me atienden de 10! No tengo ninguna pega, y sobretodo muy atentos.

Ana Blanco Sanz (2023-05-11)

La rapidez del envío

Constantino Sardiña Gallo (2023-04-24)

Manuel Barrios Grave De Peralta (2023-04-19)

muy rapido y bien

Daniela Viegas (2023-04-26)

DOG +Sold


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Moysa Mattress Zoll Red
Arppe Round Cushion Totalfur Dark Green
Lexhis Canvas Reins
Arppe Pink Sport Boots

Latest News about Dogs and Cats

Mantener a nuestras mascotas activas y saludables es clave para su bienestar. No solo les ayuda a mantenerse en forma y en un peso saludable, sino que también mejora su estado de ánimo y reduce el estrés. Además, el ejercicio diario es esencial para ...
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¡Claro que sí! En #HuellaCanina sabemos lo importante que es entender a nuestras mascotas para poder brindarles el cuidado adecuado. En el caso de los gatos, es fundamental conocer las diferencias entre los gatos domésticos y los salvajes. Aunque los...
accesorios | catálogo | comida | comportamiento | cuidado | cuidados especiales | dependientes | dieta | domésticos
Si eres dueño de un pájaro, es importante que le brindes una alimentación balanceada y adecuada para su salud. Una de las decisiones más importantes que debes tomar es si darle semillas o alimentos completos. En Huella Canina, recomendamos los alimen...
alimentación balanceada | alimentos completos | alta calidad | bienestar | dieta equilibrada | marcas | nutrientes esenciales | pájaros | semillas
Tener un perro entrenado es fundamental para asegurarse de que tenga una vida feliz y saludable. Un perro bien entrenado no solo es más fácil de convivir, sino que también tiene menos probabilidades de desarrollar problemas de comportamiento. Pero, ¿...
arneses | ayuda profesional | collares | comportamiento | consistencia | cuidado de mascotas | entrenamiento | expectativas claras | HuellaCanina
En la actualidad, muchas personas optan por comprar mascotas en lugar de adoptarlas. Sin embargo, la adopción de animales es una excelente manera de ser parte de la solución. Razones por las cuales deberías considerar la adopción de un gato en lugar ...
adopción de animales | adopción de gatos | amigos peludos | comprar mascotas | comunidad de amantes de las mascotas | cuidado adecuado | cuidado de mascotas | hogar amoroso | productos para mascotas
Los gatos son animales hermosos, graciosos e independientes que se han ganado el amor de muchas personas en todo el mundo. En #HuellaCanina queremos compartir nuestra pasión por los gatos y ayudarte a encontrar al compañero felino perfecto para ti. C...
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At Huella Canina we have one goal: every day we strive to be the best online pet products store from Spain. We want to become a reference in the online pet products store at a national level in Spain so that you can buy all the best quality pet products at the best price and receive them at home in record time. Since we began our professional career more than 30 years ago, with our physical store in Castellón de la Plana, we have specialized in advising and selling pet products store products, knowing how to adapt to at all times both to the needs of our customers and to the new times, trying to satisfy the online purchases of customers who trust us in the best possible way.

Cheap Online Pet Products Store

At Huella Canina we have a wide and complete catalog of products made up of more than 30,000 products for pets online with a continuous assortment, without stock problems and with the incorporation of new products of animals. You will find the latest news in pet products store, the latest models and technical innovations here, at Huella Canina, your trusted online pet store. All areas of the pets are covered in the Huella Canina hand. We offer you the best products for dogs, cats, rodents, birds, horses, fish and turtles.

At Huella Canina we offer you a close and professional treatment. We are passionate about the world of animals and we have an expert team in it, so we will also be happy to advise you so that you can choose the products that best suit the needs of your pets following our endorsed professional criteria. thanks to our experience of more than 10 years in the animal sector. Our online animal products website is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays with all the customer service you need. The complete online Canine Footprint catalog

The complete online Canine Footprint catalog

The product catalog for your dogs and cats we have the most complete on the internet at Huella Canina. Discover our categories, Food, Antiparasitics, Hygiene and Care, Accessories...

Dogs :

Cats :

Rodents :

Birds :

Horses :

Fish :

Tortugas y Reptiles :

Outlet :

As you can see, in Huella Canina, you can find an extensive catalog of products for pets and other related products, both for users and professionals. With our products you will meet all the needs of your animals. We advise you! As we want to be the best pet products store, we offer delivery times in 24/48 hours with very low shipping costs. Every day we add new products to our catalog.

We work with more than 300 brands, only the best manufacturers are available in Huella Canina.

At Huella Canina you will only find the most prestigious brands, since quality is one of our fundamental pillars. We know that our customers need the confidence that the best brands of pet products provide them, which is why we refuse to offer low-quality products in our online store and only offer you products with the highest standards. of quality manufactured by the best brands in the world.

At Huella Canina, quality goes hand in hand with a good price, so that all of you, individuals or companies, can obtain the products you are looking for, your favorite brands, at the best prices and being able to carry out your projects for less money than you would pay in other online stores.

We invest a lot of time and resources in having a catalogue of products for animals that includes the best brands on the market so that our customers are always satisfied and find what they need in our online store, for us it is important that you find what you need every time you visit us.

Advantages of buying at Huella Canina

The Internet has become today one of the most useful tools we have. Its comfort, its ease of use and its great utility have made this infinite universe integrate very effectively into the routine of the vast majority of people. The world of animals has not been left behind in this technological advance and there are already pet stores in the virtual space such as Huella Canina, which offers its users endless advantages that make life a little more easy.

Among the main advantages of buying Huella Canina products, the following stand out:

Huella Canina has become a very interesting alternative, the easiest way to make all the purchases you need, whatever the time and whatever the day, without leaving home, without stress, without rushing and without extra expenses. Always finding what you need has never been easier Huella Canina, always at your disposal.

Goal of Huella Canina: Revolutionize the Purchase of Pet Products Online

One of our main goals is to humanize online shopping.

It is a challenge for us to make our customers feel the same close and human treatment that we can give them from our physical store but through our online pet store.

For this, our team of professionals at Huella Canina offers the following advantages for clients who choose us:

We have an exclusive telephone number so that you can call us, talk to us, present us with your doubts and/or questions so that our professionals can help you clarify them and give you the closest deal possible.

Is Huella Canina a pet store near my location?

In Huella Canina we serve our products with the cheapest transport prices to all cities in Spain, near you in 24/48 hours.

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